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My best sourdough to date

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My best sourdough to date

Finally after many months of surfing this site and learning from the people here, then getting a banneton as a holiday gift, I present to you my best loaf yet :)

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Postal Grunt

I wouldn't be surprised if that loaf disappeared in a hurry.

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And you'd be entirely correct, devoured with butter :)

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That Bread is gorgeous. Love the rich dark color. Great photography.


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Thank you! Natural light through large windows works wonders 

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That's a mighty fine looking 'good eats'.. !

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Well done indeed.  So what kind of SD is this?

Happy SD baking

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Thanks! Its 10% spelt, 5% rye, 70% hydration. Trying to work my way up slowly to higher hydrations :) 

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Just stunning.

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You got an amazing crumb on that loaf. I am not surprised it was devoured!

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Can you share your recipe here? Also could I make the same recipe with whole wheat and AP? I don't have any Rye at the moment and my stiff starter is more than doubled and ready to bake so I'm ready to do something quickly

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I wouldn't say this recipe is quick but you can find it off Trevor's blog:

I just modified the recipe a bit for a 50/50 rye starter. I'm sure you can pull it off with whole wheat and AP, just replace the rye and spelt with whole wheat and adjust the hydration of your starter just before mixing it in!

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I would have a slice or two anytime. Well done! Love the crust!