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Country Loaf

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Country Loaf

High Hydration Country Loaf-


Thanks for looking!

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Thats a beauty! Keep up the good work and don't forget to share! LOL

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Looks great.  What was your formula?


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It's 90% Bread Flour / 10% Whole Wheat and about 87% hydration not including the levain.

Levain build was 1:1:1:2 Bread Flour, Whole Wheat, Water. Used at the 4 hour point.

Interesting that the levain would not float when I started but I went ahead like things were good.

Proofed overnight and cooked in preheated clay bakers.


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Should be CarlTheBreadPhotographer - amazing pictures.. and great looking bake.. well done!


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Beautiful loaf and beautiful pictures! You must have had fun with that 87% hydration. I bet it tasted great! 

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Carl, give us the scoop on your method. Hand mix? Stretch & fold? What type of bread flour? Give it all to us...

At 87% the gluten must be well developed and the shaping excellent to get that nice rise. Did you bake in a vessel?

I an very inconsistent with an ear at drier hydration. How does that work with wet dough?

So many questions. “Inquiring minds want to know”


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Im so glad you guys enjoyed the pictures. Getting the handle on the wet dough has been a bit of a commitment but things seem to be getting easier with time.

For me it starts with a moderately long autolyse, then dough is developed with stretches and folds over the first 2 hours of bulk fermentation. Flour is giusto's bread and whole wheat. I like using a dough whisk for the initial mix. Usually that seems to be enough to get the dough as strong as I need it.

Cooking in breadtopia's clay bakers. I have a list of frustrations with them but still my favorite I've found for what I'm doing.

Also dough is loaded and slashed while it's still cold from the oven and the clay bakers are preheated in the oven to 550 for an hour is a half. My slashing can still be suspect and something that's a work in progress but I think the cold dough helps.

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when they look this nice.  Well done indeed!

Happy Holiday Baking!

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New day. new breads.

First a darker higher hydration batard, same formula as the earlier,


And a slightly lower hydration (75%) Boule with a smidge of rye.