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Grinding grain

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Truth Serum

Grinding grain

Whole wheat bread

 I noticed last time I went to a large retailer that the KitchenAid attachment to grind grain was on sale for $30. I had 20 percent off coupons. I knew that wasn’t going to work well, but I thought that if I made  10 loaves of bread it would not be such a bad investmenI am now a convert. Although it was a clunky noisy machine that works slow Lee


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Truth Serum

Any way the kitchenaid grain grinder took at least 30 minutes to grind a pound of flour. It was going to be soaked for 24 hours in the refrigerator so I didnt care if it was a bit gritty.

I also made a biga out of store bought white flour and let that set for 24 hours outside of the refrigerator.

the soaker had 17 oz freshly milled winter wheat

2 cups 2percent milk

1 oz powder milk

2 oz rye flour

2 oz buckwheat flour

the biga had 1 cup warm water 100 degrees farenheit

1/2 tsp yeast

11 oz bread flour

 after24 hours I combined the two mixtures with 3 oz butter, 5 tsp salt, 2 TB oil, 4 TB honey, 5 tsp yeast,and kneaded it.

Proof, Then some fold and turns

 Some lecithin and vitamin C for durability 


Two 4 by 8 loaf pans .

Proof and i

400 degree oven with a bit of steam and then reduced the heat to 350

Very happy with the FLAVOR and texture of this bread!


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for sure.  Fresh milled flour is only about 1,000% better than the stuff in any bag that is no longer fresh.  Now you are hooked.  Well done and happy baking.'s picture

Have you followed up on your interest in home milling? In any case, I'd like to be in touch to discuss it. We're steadily building a following of Mockmill users who basically agree on the "1,000% better" comment made in this thread some time ago. And one can do LOTS better than the Kitchen Aid attachment!! :-)