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Sharpening my lames

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Sharpening my lames

A few years ago, I bought a box of single-edge razor blades to use as lames. I would use them for a while, then, when they got dull, throw them out. 

Recently, I remembered something I had seen overseas, in a poor Third-World country: my host patiently sharpening his razor blade before shaving. 

I pulled out my knife-sharpening stone and sharpened my latest lame (which was approaching the throw-me-out state). Blade now sharp and shiny. Slashes deep and precise. 

1000-grit side of stone. 

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Mini Oven

except all that is needed is to catch a mm of the end and pull on the fibre for a new sharp edge. Nasty sharp!

I think that before the lame, a single edge razor was used.

What came first? The razor or the lame?