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Lecithin to retard staling...?

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Lecithin to retard staling...?

I am making a new panettone this year for christmas, and am wondering if I should amend the formula with lecithin to make it resist staling a little longer.   My old formula (Berenbaum's) did this, and I'm not quite sure if I should give it a try with Suas's.

On the up side, the Suas panettone is based on a natural starter, and the acid should help it remain stable for longer.  But... this one also has less butter and egg yolk.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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If you are making panettone with an active starter and a thorough fermentation then you will not need the lecithin for preservation. On the other hand, I am always up for an experiment. Make one batch with and one without and compare the two.

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Lecithin is an emulsifier and stabilizer, not for retarding stalling. It can stabilize polar and nonpolar ingredients, such as water and oil. Therefore, it's especially good for making cake, when using lots of eggs and fat. It can also improve the texture of the bakegood, more fluffy and light.

You can see the information here.