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Question for Kitchenaid owners...

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Question for Kitchenaid owners...

Hi , Just took delivery of  my new KA . I ordered 5KSM5BER K5 From Amazon EU.  I went to register the KA online and took details from under the machine and it is a different number 5KPM5BER that is the number I registered but can anyone tell me the difference could this be because it’s sold in Europe or is it an older version. I can not find out anywhere.... another question.......there is no spring on the beater shaft. when I googled found out they have stopped putting the spring on them now. Does that sound right to owners of newer models...hope someone can help thanks in advance...

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I am a new bread baker and ran across your site.  I am thrilled I now have a touchstone to bread baking.  I posed the question of bread storage and get a lot of ideas.  I appreciate the information.  I'll be here daily for more "soul support".