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How to Prevent Gaps in Ham Bread

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How to Prevent Gaps in Ham Bread

I got a job making holiday bread for a restaurant. The bread is a Venezuelan ham bread called pan de jamon! 

It's made with an enriched dough which is rolled out into a rectangle, topped with sheets of sliced ham, diced bacon, raisins, syrup, and olives, then rolled up like a jelly roll and baked. Everything is fine

with it except when it bakes, there is always a big gap between the dough and the fillings. Looks something like this, but with the gaps being a tiny bit wider:

I'm looking for even dough layers and a clean pinwheel cut like this: 

How do I achieve more evenly proofed/risen layers and how do I get the ingredients to stick? I've made prosciutto bread for a restaurant before (enriched dough with prosciutto rolled in, then shaped like a baguette, scored and baked) and the prosciutto would melt into the dough, adhering all of the layers together. Don't know what's goin on here! 

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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but I think I would incorporate all of your ingredients in the dough except for the ham and I would only use one layer of that. Take a look at the pictures, there is less space in the picture with less ham. 

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I have had success piercing the roll with a meat fork and refrigerating for an hour after letting it sit for an hour on the counter. Hope this helps.