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Best brand of paper panettone mold?

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Best brand of paper panettone mold?

I hope to finally tackle panettone this holiday season.  On Amazon there are many brands of paper molds.  Do they all work equally well, or do you experienced bakers have a brand preference?

Also, a guide to dough quantity for the various mold sizes would be appreciated since I'm a panettone newbie.  Thanks for the help, and Happy Holidays!

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Last time around I got Novacart molds off ebay.  They are perfectly fine.  My personal preference is 10x6" molds, they are much easier to manage, IMO.

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I've been looking around everywhere, as I make panettone as christmas gifts for people.  There are about a zillion sizes, and I haven't been able to find them at any web-based restaurant supply (Boo).  I have settled on the pack of a dozen 6"x4.5" papers from King Arthur Flour (KAF), which fit perfectly in the 7"x7"x7" white bakery boxes from U-LINE (S-7090) with the aid of a couple pieces of waxed tissue paper.

If you find a better source, I'd be very interested.