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First 3 loaves for the Wedding

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First 3 loaves for the Wedding

These 3 are different shapes but the same recipe.  12% 6 grain sprouted levain SFSD.  75% hydration all baked at the same time on two levels on stones with Mega Steam except the boule was in a combo cooler.  It was a singele stage levain of 20 hours using up the end of the NMNF starter.  The 6 grains were red and white wheat, rye, spelt, Kamut and oat and they were all in the levan.  The rest of the 88 % was La Fama AP


No retarding of the leavain or dough . The large batard weighs 3 pounds 8 oz after baking and the smalls squat oval and boule weigh 1 pound 12 oz.  It has been a long time since I had to make 1,000 g of levain.  It all didn't go into these loaves but half did.  I have the the same recipe fr 3 loaves with, sunflower seeds and pepitas in them In bulk ferment to make 6 loaves total - all different sizes and shapes  It won't be enough so I will do a miche in the Poulain style that has sprouts in it to make it different.



Happy abking


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Very nice.

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only 4 more loaves to go!

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Boy, you give a lot of dough to folks getting married! :)  Beautiful bread to celebrate with!

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the other wedding dough is dear!  Seed breads today Just took them out of the fridge.  Got to get shaping and baking!

Happy baking 

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These will surely get you compliments and hugs - many of them from your daughter. Enjoy the festivities. Congratulations!

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I had a full oven of bread.  The house smelled like a bakery!  I took them to my daughters apartment last night to freeze and she liked them.  I haven't figured out how to actually do it at the wedding yet but maybe I can get someone to do it for me if I make the dipping sauce ahead of time.

  Happy baking Say hi to Daisy and Tillie from Lucy

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Lechem (not verified)

"Mazal Tov" Dabrownman.


Customary for the bride and groom to go round handing out pieces of bread.

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Half the people at the wedding will be Jewish and half not - just like the Bride and Groom:-)  We are handing out bread for the first appetizer with with an EVOO, Balsamic, basil, grated Parmesan and crack black pepper dipping sauce and a hunk of Kerrygold Butter who like their SD with butter.  We will all enjoy the day the for sure - if not there is an open bar:-)

Happy baking Abe

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Lazy Loafer

Both on the wedding of your daughter, and your return to bulk baking! They all look wonderful and I'm sure they smell wonderful. What a great thing for a parent to be able to do - make some of the celebratory food for their child's nuptials, whether it's the cake or something else. What is the date of the wedding? And does your suit fit yet? :)


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in the past week:-)  I gave all of my of suits to Goodwill the week before.  Wedding is Saturday.  having dinner at my house for a dozen on Thursday and then rehearsal and dinner on Friday at some nice restaurant.   I just took the Miche out of the oven .  it has a scored H on it since my daughters new name starts with an H instead of being Brownman form now on - 2000 grams baked with tons of sprouted multi-grains folded inside.  Now I am done except making the dipping sauce.

I thought it was sweet that mu=y daughter asked me to bake bread.  I said I would buy it form Mediterra  Bakery but she said no way she wants good bread.  I am glad it is done now.  Now I just have to write a speech - jeeeze.


Thanks adn Happy baking Wendy

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You just might have to go into business from all the requests you are going to get after they taste this! Your loaves looks fabulous and I am sure they taste even better! 

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It used to be a tradition to save the small top layer of the wedding cake and topper to freeze and have on the 1st anniversary. I think I'd rather have your bread! But I don't think I'd go a year without eating it!

Happy celebrations!

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These look perfect!  Can't wait to hear about the wedding.  Good luck and I'm sure everything is going to go perfectly and everyone will certainly your contribution to the happy event.

Max and Lexi can't wait to see Lucy's wedding day photo as well :).