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Nearly 6 months new

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Nearly 6 months new

Greetings from Queens, NY.

Got into bread-making in the end of April this year, and have since been baking with Einkorn starter. Came across TFL today while doing some research, look forward to learning and sharing lots with you all.


Happy Baking.

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Lechem (not verified)

Great to have you on board. And you specialise in Einkorn! 

"Guys! I've found another Einkorn enthusiast for you" :)

6 months baking and using Einkorn. Not easy. My hat off to you and be sure to post your recipes and methods for how to handle this interesting and not so easy grain. My favourite is as follows...

Wholegrain Einkorn Flour 100%

Hydration (including the starter) 70%

Salt 2%

Starter 20%


Mix it all up and leave till nicely risen and craggy on top. 

Portion out into prepared loaf pan, smooth over with back of a wet spoon and leave till one or two small holes begin to appear on top. 

Bake in a preheated oven. 


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Since I went straight to einkorn when I first started to explore the world of bread making, I don't really have much to compare it to. Guess I'll consider myself lucky(?). :)

my favorite so far(and probably the one I'll keep using from now) is based on the Jovial book, but with some major twists based on convenience and my own research (thanks, google)

Organic Einkorn Flour only

Levain: 30g starter + 130g water + 120g flour

600g + 310g H2O + 10g salt

5 minutes on the stand-mixer

Fold in 30min intervals for 3 hours

Shape, into the proofing basket

Slow fermentation in the fridge for 9hrs

slash and into the dutch oven - 500F for 10mins, 450F for 30 mins, lid-off for 6 mins.

Pretty happy with the result so far. =)




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Mini Oven

Einkorn starter.  (whole grain, berries into blender, add to water, warm and waiting)  Now that I'm back in Austria for a few weeks, I've started up a starter to use here.    The fun continues (yay!) and glad we have more  "Einkornies" playing with the stuff! :)   Welcome!


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Thank you!

I am not experimenting using einkorn starter to bake with regular AP. First attempt at a slow fermentation baguette tonight. wish me luck!


Would love to hear if anyone has experience baking with a different type of flour from the starter.

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Mini Oven

I'm looking at your recipe...  62% hydration  almost  47% starter  (I think I got that right.  600 x 0.47= 282g)  Levain is 280g total.  Salt is a little less than 1.4%.   Total dough weight 1200g.  Stand mixer include hooks at what speed please?

Folding einkorn dough ... how do you manage to do that? it is sooooo sticky!  :)

I'm so tempted to raise the hydration and spoon the dough.  Have you tried that yet?

I don't think you will have any problems with the yeast baulking when fed a different wheat flour.