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My best sourdough loaf to date!

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My best sourdough loaf to date!

Listen to that crackle!

A tiny bit dark on top but still awesome. What do you think?

Sourdough fresh out of the oven

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some of us prefer the dark crust.  Looks perfect to me. 



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And that deeply caramelized crust adds a ton to the overall flavour (and is sought after by many of us).

Thanks for sharing, and keep baking happy!

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I have n idea how you guys get such good loaves on the 2nd try.  You are supposed to suffer and fail again and again like we did appreciate it more :-)  Well done and Happy baking

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Well this was probably my 7th or 8th loaf, the one just prior to this was a 1 inch high hockey puck :|

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Mini Oven

You know we're all doing something right when we can get together and reduce the number of "fail, yes, and fail agains."

Lovely sights and sounds!

What's the white stuff?

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Just some butter :) 

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the hadster

Isn't bread great?  It looks beautiful, smells beautiful, sounds beautiful and tastes beautiful.  No other food does that!