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Reinharts SF Sourdough Boule

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Reinharts SF Sourdough Boule

One of this weekends breads.  I sure do like the sound of a fresh bread crackin as it cools down, and all them little blisters, love 'em.

Well another weekend down, 3 Pizza's Saturday, 2 SD Baguettes, 2 SD Boules, 4 Breakfast Pizza's Sunday.  I think I really have to give whole wheat and rye more attention.  I love some of the photos JMonkey has of his wheat breads, and Bill's Miche is awesome looking.  I make a couple loaves of wheat and Im still like, anh, I really like white.  But I gotta keep trying, maybe like Bill had wrote, maybe I just havent made the right bread yet.

I still have a poolish in the fridge I made last night that I have no idea what Im going to do with yet.  Did my SD starter buildup and was thinking I should make a Poolish while I'm at it.  Dont know why, but I did.  It will last 3 days so I still got a day to think up something to do with it.

Oh well,


More pic's of my breads and such


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There's a beauty! I love when the bread crackles like that but sometimes it doesn't. Why is that?


I loved your pizza post too but I've lost track of it along with many others. The posts have been coming fast and furious lately, haven't they. All fun and all full of so many things to try. I can't keep up. I made poolish last night to make jmonkeys breads from his latest post. I mixed the doughs but then got called away. They're in the fridge and I'll get back to them tomorrow. We're lucky to be having so much fun aren't we? weavershouse

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I know my bread gets the little blisters when I steam.  And I know my sd breads have a nice reddish-orange tint when they go overnight in the fridge.  But the crackles, I have had that with one day breads as well as breads that spend time in the fridge.  I have had it happen in high heat ovens with and without steam.  I have had it with sd as well as yeasted. 

And with all that being said, it only happens about 40 percent of the time.  So I have no clue.. And yes, this is a blast.

As for the crackin..Heres my favorite photo of one of my cracklin bread

And this was a yeasted bread.

Thanks again weavershouse,


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That photo is a beauty. That bread has the color and the crackle and the shine and I swear it smells delicious. I'd hang that poster in my kitchen anyday.


You're right about the cracklin. I never know when it's going to happen but when it does I'm happy.              weavershouse

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Very nice.

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I was just enjoying your photo gallery. You've done some very nice breads and good photos. The one above is a classic. Did you do something special to get the shiny crust? It looks a little like one of my sieves.

I like white breads a lot, too, even if I'm off doing more whole grain at the moment. The flavor of french bread or a good ciabatta, with a yeasted preferment or maybe SD, is hard to beat.

My other big favorite is a country miche made from something between white and whole wheat, which is why I'm always doing miches and searching for sifted flours or now trying to make some from scratch.

I'm thinking you'd be a focaccia fan, too.

Great bread and photos.


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This bread was nearly a 5lb. loaf.  It took up a great deal of the oven.  As far as the bake, it started at 500'F with steam.  After 3 minutes it went down to 400'F for 45 minutes.  But it was just a one day bread, it didnt do an overnight in the fridge or anything (which usually gives me better color).

It was very much beginners luck.  But it is still one of my favorites.

As for your miches, Im a huge fan of yours.  I havent made one yet, but everytime I see one of yours Im in awe.  It is by far one of my favorite looking breads to see.

One day I'll attempt it.

I am a big focaccia fan as well, but funny enough its another thing I have yet to make. 


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Beautiful stuff, TT. I love the spiral cut.

I'm not a huge fan of whole wheat--I bake it when I feel like my insides need scouring--but using preferments seems to mellow the flavor quite nicely, and lately I've been baking with spelt, which I think I may like better.

Probably the nicest loaves for me are basically white with something--almost anything--added for interest, just like adding things to vanilla ice cream. Oh, let's say a fudge swirl, almond bits and coconut...