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Laughter after Irma and Harvey

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Laughter after Irma and Harvey

Hope and laughter. Something many people need a lot more of these days. After experiencing the half empty part of the glass, we HAVE to see the half full part.  A lot of good stories have come out of a lot of tragedy and sometimes it is the simplest acts that are the best. A lady stood outside a Walmart in Houston and gave out hugs. She was a great hugger. The response was tremendous. What a difference she made. I felt better just watching her.I had a rough week with Irma but things are looking better and my experience was very mild compared to many.

I came across this short video a number of years ago and I want to share it with everyone. It is short and wonderful and always makes me laugh. Please enjoy it with a bellyful of laughs and realize that life is good.

Besides, my bread is always better when I have a good attitude.

Laugh while you bake. Bake with love- the best ingredient.