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EINKORN! Everyone Get Excited

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Rajan Shankara

EINKORN! Everyone Get Excited

Got some einkorn flour recently and did a small bake, good stuff! Easy to work with and pretty much like white flour, nothing like whole wheat with bran included. Good taste, cool color and mouthfeel. Going to add einkorn to my whole wheat batches, maybe 30%. 

Recipe was 100% einkorn flour, 50% hydration, 100% hydration levian, a litte oil. 2 hour autolyse, because.

The Internet told me to make it dry at 50% hydration or else! Crumb came out tight and dry. Probably will up the water next time since it wasn't as hard to work with as people say it was. I think they don't do autolyse so they don't know what that step does to dough. 

check it: 




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a low hydration.

It's interesting how so many folks have mentioned that they find einkorn to be quite bitter, and don't enjoy the flavour and texture at all, yet you enjoyed it enough to be planning on including it as a regular part of your bakes.  I do hope that you'll update this if you notice any negative change to your impression of this grain once you've baked it at a higher hydration or as a part of a mixed-grain bake.

Thanks so much for sharing - and keep baking happy!

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Rajan Shankara

I didn't get any bitter, and I ate the bread plain without butter. Maybe people aren't treating the dough with respect. Einkorn doesn't like slap and folds, have to be gentle. 

I can't wait until the next chance to bake with this corn-bread-like flour. Out of the kitchen for 5 weeks on a whirlwind tour around the mainland US. Back home again on Oct. 10! 

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What did the fellow Monks think of the bread.  I hope you stock piled the bread for your brother monks for your trip away,  they will be eagerly looking forward to your return. I was just thinking about you the other day and would have been messaging you  to see how you were doing . So a Whirlwind trip around the States, probably not the best phrase for the poor folk in the South do hope any TFL  friends down there are safe. What about the Over Seas trip you were talking about previously , and a side trip to Perth Aus?.   

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Rajan Shankara

I got some really good feedback and the nutrition of this kinda flour was appreciated. And it reminded everyone of good ole white flour, a nice break from whole wheat. 

Derek it is nice catching up! It has been too long. Ha, I actually calculated how much I needed to bake before leaving so there would be some loaves every week. But, alas, time ran out as it always does. 

Yes the south is not part of our travels and we have spoken to everyone we know and some aren't picking up their phones! So we wish them well and are reaching out to everyone we can. Our prayers are with everyone. 

I think Perth is in the future! I promise. I told the brothers that you would be proud I baked the einkorn after all those beer batches they loved. You got most of the credit. 


Ah, I will be overseas in 2019 though you are correct. But the only side trip is then to India! Meet you there?

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 India does seem a fascinating place and I have friends that have loved going there. Perhaps I will have to make it to Hawaii instead.  Take care on your travels  and you never know you may well get the opportunity to bake  whilst travelling, I have always found that to be very rewarding when the chance presents its self.

kind regards Derek


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Lechem (not verified)

When Einkorn works it's not bitter. Or overly bitter. I think due to the high mineral content it does have a slight smokey flavour aftertaste but delicious all the same.

Einkorn hates to be handled so I don't. Your bread looks delicious even though I'm surprised you got away with very low hydration. I have better success with higher hydration. My usual 100% whole einkorn sourdough recipe is as follows:

Wholegrain Einkorn Flour : 100%

Water : 70%

Salt : 2%

Einkorn Starter : 20% (I build a 70% hydration starter so the final hydration is 70% but if you use a 100% hydration starter then adjust the water in the final dough to make the overall hydration 70%)


Method is easy. Mix the starter into the water till fully distributed. Mix the salt into the flour then add the flour to the water and mix till everything is hydrated and fully mixed. Cover and bulk ferment till cracks begin to appear on top. The dough should be spongy and of no knead consistency when the bulk ferment is done. Then transfer the dough to a prepared loaf tin and smooth the top out. Final proof till holes just begin to appear on top (not too many otherwise it'll overproof) then bake in a pre-heated oven.

That's a very simple and very effective einkorn sourdough. A very different approach to a low hydration dough, gives it a nice crumb and isn't dry.

Glad you're appreciated Einkorn. And congrats for a lovely bake.