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Did some baking

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Did some baking

Here are some pics from a day of baking

as you can see I was busy.


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cherry/pear pie

challah sweet rolls

cranberry/banana/walnut muffins

going to be doing some potato/rosemary rolls tomorrow I post pics when I done.


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Matt, these look scrumptious!


Does your kitchen look as messy as mine does after baking so much?

Flour covering every surface...dough stuck to the bench.....baking trays piled up high and awaiting the soapy suds of the sink?


I wish I could taste each of them :)  My tummy is grumbling now! 

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Everything looks delicious! And so beautiful.                                                     weavershouse

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Not really,  I do a lot of pre bake setup, then do one project, clean up, move on to the next.  I have a small kitchen so I have to be neat.  I am planning my kitchen remodel as we speek!  8-)

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You can't just bake a beautiful pie like that and not add some commentary!!!  I must know how you did the cherry and leaves!!!!  LET THE SECRET OUT!!!






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The leaf I just cut out of the extra crust and took a pearing knife to make the detail.  The cherry stems I rollled the crust real thin and pinched the top together.  The cherries I rolled out the size of a nickel and flaten to about a 1/4".  For the coloring I used food coloring 2 drops of color to 2 Tbsp of water.  brush the leaf and stem with green, do the same with the cherries but with red. to put to together, on a flat blade lay the stems out, place leaf at top of stems, place cherries and put the flat blade in the refrigerator for twenty minutes to cool. Make pie, brush top of pie with whole egg wash, sprinkle top with sugar, place leaf,stem,cherries on top of preped crust and bake.  I bake a lot of pies and I needed a way of knowning what each pie ways and I played around until I found this method.  It looks good too.

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Amazing :-) and beautiful!

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Matt, that pie is just beautiful. An 'empty' pie crust is like a canvas to me, and I love to play around with decorations, but I never thought of adding color--til now!

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Amazing. It all looks so wonderful. And I'm sure it all tastes even better than it looks. I wish my laptop had "Smell-A-Vision"...or at least a scratch-n-sniff screen. Your muffin tops look perfect. Sure does make me want to do some baking. :)

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They all look great, do you have any pics of the inside of that pie?


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Dang, that's beautiful. And not just the pie -- everything looks incredible. Fine work!

Who is the lucky recipient of all this baking?