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Cuisinart Brick Oven

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Cuisinart Brick Oven


Has anyone purchased and tried the new Cuisinart Brick Oven for home use?  It looked interesting, but before I bought it, I thought I would check around.  I bake artisan breads and currently use my La Cloche successully.  It sounds like this oven might be worth buying.

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Susan of reviewed it back in september. As I recall, she liked it very much.


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Thanks!  I'll check out the blog.


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Here's a direct link to my review, which actually appeared on Just Baking. I continue to use the oven every day, mostly not for bread baking as I usually bake more than a loaf at a time, but for all those other kitchen tasks that just need a small oven. The oven does make good bread, though.


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Thanks so much.  I use my La Cloche now to get a good crust on my boules.  It works very well.  But, I am limited to round loaves with it or a few rolls.  I am hoping the oven will give me a bit more versatility.

I have not been very successful in getting a good crust on artisan breads in my home oven.  I've tried different techniques, but have not been satisfied  until I bought the La Cloche.

So I am eager to know if the Cusinart will produce a good crust on an artisan style bread. 

Take care,

Lisa H.


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Could someone tell me the dimensions of the pizza stone for the Cuisinart brick oven?  Is it the same size for both models?  I'd like to have one for my toaster oven, and the one I commonly see sold is smaller than I'd like.