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Making an Electric/gas hearth oven...

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Making an Electric/gas hearth oven...

So woodfired brick and earth ovens are beautiful, and have more "soul" and romanticism than the modern counterparts. That being said has anyone made an electric/gas oven w/ steam injection. I would like to have my own bakery one day. Just curious...

To ramble I imagine some sort of metal frame has to be made and lots of stuff soldered and bolted together not to mention heating elements, electronic controls, steam... yup. 4 decks would be ideal. and even some way to turn the oven on to preheat it via the internet...

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Suggest you perform a cost of energy calculation before going too far in any one direction. 


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Someone I know built a subscription bread business (not very profitable, but he is able to do it and still work, and he loves baking).  He had a brick oven built in his backyard for not that much, which is fueled by natural gas, and steamed with a pressure cooker piped into the oven.  It works very well.