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care for blue steel baking pan?

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care for blue steel baking pan?


I get dark spots on my bread after baking it in a blue steel pan (already asked the forum about it).

I tend to believe that these spots are caused by rust of some kind.

When I bought the pan, I was told never to wash it with water, and if rust appears, oil it again and store it without washing.

How should I care for such a baking pan in order to prevent it from catching rust?

I tried to oil it and heat it in the oven in order to create a coating layer, somewhat like one would do when coating a wok, but I am not sure if it is effective enough, and how long I should leave it in the oven and at what temperature.

Any experience you can share?

Until I solve this problem, I coated the pan with Aluminum foil and I use parchment paper to prevent the bread from sticking to the foil, but this is not  the way it should be and certainly not comfortable at all.


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