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Lucia Cats (sweet saffron buns)

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Lucia Cats (sweet saffron buns)

Lucia Cats

Even though Santa Lucia Day is 13 December, I made Lucia cats so we could have them for breakfast on Christmas morning.

I now know that I should have placed them further apart on the pan so they wouldn't grow together. Luckily, they taste just as good!!

Merry Christmas to all!


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they look gorgeous!


I really want to make them. Are they similar to the old style yellow coloured sweet bread that was common in bakeries up until perhaps 15-20 years ago?


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I am not familiar with the yellow coloured sweet bread that you are referring to, greenbaker. These buns are sweet but not too sweet and have a lovely delicate flavour of saffron.

They aren't at all difficult to make and because of the sugar content, they rise relatively quickly.

Here again is the recipe I used:  <-- original recipe <-- my revised recipe 

I didn't use fresh yeast this time though. I used active dry instead.



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This year, I halved the Luciacat recipe and made smaller buns than I had made the first time around.

Here is the revision:


(Click on the image on the linked page to see more photos)