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Used Bannetons - OK to use or toast?

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Used Bannetons - OK to use or toast?

Hi all,

I've been making sourdoughs with some success for a month or two now, and have picked up two bannetons off of Amazon to help with shaping and rising. The round one was the largest size they had, and too much for some loaves. 

Today I picked up some (free!) used smaller ones from my sister, she works in a commercial "rent it out" kitchen and they were left by a former tenant. But I see there's some discoloration, and they look to be fraying. I think they might have been actually washed with water quite a lot, but know that they couldn't have been in a dishwasher because for some reason they don't actually have one. 

I'm wondering what the process is for repairing, or if I should just toss them? Or maybe only use with a towel lining them?

I tried to attach pictures for reference, so instead I just created a shared album on google photos. My phone kind of sucks for closeups but I think it should come through. 

Any advice is appreciated, I've already learned a lot from this site as I was learning to make bread to begin with, just couldn't find this particular issue anywhere.


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a sanding to get rid of all of those loose fibers and then give them a good wash using a light bleach solution. Lastly, I would put them out in the sun to finish drying. You may be quite surprised at how well the sun will whiten those stains. 

I am sure others may have better ideas but that was my gut feeling when I saw your pictures. Don't throw them out. I am sure they can be rescued. 

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A agree with Danni,  though I would do the light bleach solution first, then put in the sun to dry, then light sanding.  The bleach solution will raise the fibers.  BTW, don't put a banneton in a plastic bag immediately after use - it has absorbed the moisture from the dough, and it will cause that type of stain.  I usually let it air dry for a day before I put in a bag.  

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Lechem (not verified)

Why not clean them thoroughly with a vinegary, or alcoholic, solution followed by plain water.  Afterwhich dry them in the oven at 130c (266f) for 45 minutes. 

That'll clean and kill off any possible mould.  

Please confirm the heating option with experts and don't confuse Celsius to farenheit.

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My concern would be with the loosening of the metal staples due to the mistreatment of the wicker caning. Your day could be ruined if one of those staples found its way into a loaf of bread.

For the price of a banneton from I personally wouldn't take the risk.



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Ah, yeah, I hadn't thought about those. I'm not totally sold on using these, they were just free. I'm super broke right now, so if I don't use them I'll just stick with the larger ones that I already have until I've got income again. 

I didn't know exactly how ratty they were when my sister offered them to me. So now kind of worried about using them at all...