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Help with Kitchenaid k45 mixer

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Help with Kitchenaid k45 mixer

I found a kitchenaid k45 model made by Hobart that I got from a man on a sell your stuff type app for 25 dollars. The model information is on the hub where you screw in the bowl I am not sure how old this is but I feel like it probably has not been serviced in a long time if at all. There is a staining along the ring and kitchenaid trim band which leads me to believe the oil has leaked at some point. The mixer runs on all speeds fine and can handle certain batters and dough that strain my newer artisan mixer. Can anyone with experience restoring mixers give me any tips on what I should do to service it or any maintenance I should perform on it? Id appreciate any and all help. 

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Pretty sure this is the same design / model as my mixer which I eventually broke a long time ago by stripping one of the gears. Finally got around to repairing it - needed a replacement gear (just $5 worth of parts). What I immediately noticed was a massive amount of grease on the inside and I believe this is by design - point is that it doesn't contain oil but rather thick grease. If its not oozing out and if it runs well sounds like a great deal. I love my mixer which is probably just as abused as this little work horse - so despite not being a mixer technician just wanted to chime in and let you know that these are great machines and hope it works out for you :)