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Sage and Onion Sourdough

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Sage and Onion Sourdough

Almost everything in my garden plot died over the winter. The one exception is the sage. So I wanted to bake something that used sage, and recalled seeing Lazy Loafer's Sage & Onion Levain.

I used 50% bread flour and 50% AP flour because that is what I had handy.  It is extremely tasty.


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Don't know if you have paxo stuffing where you are, Floyd? It's the lazy man's  Sage and onion stuffing for poultry in the UK but it tastes great, dehydrated stuff you just add water too. I've been thinking a bread that tastes like paxo must make great chicken sandwiches, now I'm going to have to try it! Thanks to you and Lazy, who's original post I must have missed, looks great.

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I have used this recipe before, and it is very good, even without the turkey. I encourage everyone to try it. If I remember correctly, the tastes are not overpowering, so more versatile than it might appear at first.                      Nice baking, marybeth

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Yes, I used fresh sage and dried onions and, honestly, I find the onions are more dominant than the sage. But neither is overpowering.

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I love onion and sage so this must be super tasty. Well done!!

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Nice Bake Floyd. Crumb looks spot on and this must taste great.

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Lazy Loafer

And I know exactly what it smells like too! :) I just made this one again the other day myself. Your crumb looks lovely. I've been using the Rogers No Additive AP flour lately too, as Costco had withdrawn my Silver Star bread flour, and I think it's a good idea to blend some AP with the stronger bread flour. Makes a nicer crust and crumb!

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Yes, it turned out very nice. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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 bred and mixed with sage would be nice too.  Seems I only put dried onion in rye and on bagels:-)  Nice lookng bread for sure Floyd and happy baking 

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It looks so moist and flavorful!!! Shiao-Ping