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What type of crumb is my bread?

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What type of crumb is my bread?



hi I'm new in sourdough bread baking. 

I'm not sure how does it describe the crumb of my bread? is it called open? 

what is the key to creating a large holes n airy light fluffy sd bread?

~~and how can I upload more pictures directly from my iPhone library please?


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Lechem (not verified)

make a crumb you like! There is no reason for big holes.

You've got a nice crumb that isn't too dense and not too full of holes that all the filling falls out.

It's even with no huge gaping holes which would indicate a wrongly timed fermentation or shaping issue.

All in all I'm seeing a lovely sourdough bread.

p.s. it's become a challenge (don't know why) to make very big holes but it depends on the flour used and hydration to be able to achieve such a thing, if you want it that is. Your only goal is to make something you enjoy.

Too upload more photos you'll need to click on the "tree photo" when editing and follow the instructions to add it to the body of your post.

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Thank you for your comment n instruction (on uploading photos..)

i wish I could achieve a texture of light, fluffy which I bought the sd from a local bakery. 

I attached the photo which I desire to achieve. 

Thanks everyone!


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Lechem (not verified)

in achieving this type of crumb will be able to help you. My sourdoughs are more like your original photo. This would be a very high hydration bread flour sourdough. Handling would be minimum utilising stretch and folds (not kneading).

Over to the experts...

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I too would be very pleased with the crumb in your first set of photos. As to your question, yes it is possible to create an even more open crumb.

You might want to check out this link:



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This guy is amazing seems he got a magic hand!

I've been watching a lot of his video! I will follow this recipe this weekend!


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Reasons to create large holes in the crumb. I'm probably being cynical but they may represent a weight loss system - you can have a great big piece of bread and keep the calories down. Or it could be the key to maintaining a comfortable profit margin for your bakery. CO2 that makes the holes is a literal waste product. The bigger the holes the more of it you've sold per loaf. Of course all this speculation could be sour grapes on my part cause I'm perfectly able to bake bricks unintentionally and unexpectedly. Your loaf looks perfectly fine to me.