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Scales. Whats the resolution of your scale?

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Scales. Whats the resolution of your scale?

I use one that has only 1gram increments. This lead me to believe I can be as much as .49 grams off when making a recipe. For example, 2% salt for a 400gram recipe might be 7.51 to 8.49 grams.  Worse, if I want .75% instant yeast,  that's 2.51g to 3.49g.  



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I use the MyWeigh i5000 which has a resolution of 1 gram. As you note this can be a problem with scant ingredients in small batches. Generally in the home scale price range there is a tradeoff between capacity and resolution; the MyWeigh i2500 has a resolution of 0.5 g but capacity is only 2500 g compared to the i5000. However, many vendors including MyWeigh have pocket scales with a resolution of 0.01 g and a capacity of 50 or 100 g. If I were really concerned about weighing the yeast in particular I would get one of those for small quantities.


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Mine is 1 gram as well.

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Same as well....