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Soft pull apart dinner rolls, take III

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Soft pull apart dinner rolls, take III

This is my liquid levain version of Peter Reinhart's soft pull apart dinner rolls. I really enjoy the soft texture and the flavour that the honey brings to the mix.

I baked this time on parchment on a cookie sheet, so the rolls could grow to their natural roundness, rather than sticking together as was the case last bake.

Prior to baking I gave them 2 coats of egg wash, waiting a minute in between coats. I baked @ 350F for 15 minutes with steam, then another 14 minutes no steam. Great results once again, with great flavour and a shred able crust!

Here is the recipe:

68g liquid levain

236g milk scalded and cooled to below 90F

363g strong bread flower

1/2T kosher salt

39g honey, I slopped a little more

43g melted butter, again, I slopped a little more

1/2 large egg, or 25g egg

The left over half egg supplies the glaze before baking.

Happy baking friends! Ski


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and it's good that you've found some time for a bake.  Hope all is going well with your planned move, and that you get more time to bake and post soon!

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That you actually knew I was moving is incredible! Thanks, the move is going well, AND I get to keep my KitchenAide convection oven with gas cook top!III

Happy cooking and baking! Ski

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Mini Oven

They look good, a nice size recipe for a mini oven.   :)  

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I really like this recipe! For a few months, I kind of went off levained bread and ate nothing but buttermilk biscuits and corn bread. These rolls have got me back on the bread baking train.

Moving from Canmore to golden and have bought in Golden. Looking forward to leaving thes over crowded valley behind.


Happy baking! Ski

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They look perfectly delicious. Have you tried a stiff levain? You always use a liquid one, may I know what's the reason? No pulla this time? I miss your pulla posts...

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They are indeed delicious! The extra gloss is by 2 egg washes, waiting a minute in between.

I have always used a liquid levain as it has been easy to maintain and has given me predictable and excellent results!

I still bake pulla as soon as I run out and thought folks might be bored seeing my pulla posts. I have a levain building now and pulla is on the to do list in the next day or so. I will post a photo just for you Job!

Happy cooking and baking! Ski!

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I call them short buns and perfect for hamburgers!  These are the perfect size for the mini oven too and still leave room for one if Sylvia's Steaming Cup!  Well done and happy baking Ski.  My wife was in Boulder CO over the weekend and it snowed on Friday right before she got there!

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Great burger buns. Next incarnation will be hot dog buns as I have some brats, chorizo and hot Italian sausage on hand.

Colorado really hasn't let go of winter yet with record snowfall and some ski areas still open. Record snow for Cali as well which has apparently solved the long drought problem. Good news!


Happy baking and eating! Ski