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Best method of storing bread products I have found!

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Best method of storing bread products I have found!

Greetings friends, I haven't been posting much lately, as I haven't been baking much.

Super happy with my FoodSaver for storing fresh food and particularly bread. I baked a batch of soft pull apart dinner rolls April 26th. By vacuum sealing, freezing and taken out as needed. My last roll is as fresh today, 3 weeks later as it was when fresh from the oven! Take out a roll, re-vacuum and re-seal, then back in the fridge.

As a single ski bum I have either had to give bread away or double bag it in zip locks to freeze which never gave me a good re-heated product.

The vac sealer has also transformed my re-heating of my slow smoke BBQ. Pulled pork and vac sealer then re-heated sous vide style is as good a fresh pulled. My latest kitchen toy is a Anova sous vide precision cooker. Most impressed with the results so far!

Happy cooking, baking and eating folks! Ski


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Mini Oven

(The photo reminds me of a bikini I once had.)   Lol!

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It has been great for keeping all of my food fresher, longer. In storing my roll this way, they really do stay baking day fresh three weeks later, vac'd and frozen.

Re-heating BBQ and other foods vac sealed is also a new adventure. The sous vide cooking part, I am just rying out.

Happy cooking and baking! Ski

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Carl Hanley

Yes, its great.