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Introductory Entry

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Introductory Entry

Just thought I'd post my first entry to introduce myself. My current baking projects include a selection of cookies which I am baking as gifts for my family, and several breads for Christmas. I plan to use the Blueberry Cream Cheese braid recipe from this site for my Christmas morning bread.

Things I bake the most often are: homemade pizza crust, biscuits, and cloverleaf dinner rolls. I also like to make a couple of loaves of bread on the weekends.

One of my baking struggles is sourdough bread. I don't even really like sourdough bread, but I got hooked on the idea of making bread without yeast. After messing up my first attempt one Saturday morning I became determined to make it right. It was me vs. the sourdough starter. I still have not won that battle! I stick mostly to yeast breads and quick breads.


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Sourdough is really not that hard to make. It just sounds hard. Also, real wild yeast sourdough made at home tastes nothing like the sour stuff that is sold in the grocery store. In fact, it can be not sour at all. People who think that they don't like sourdough are usually surprised when they taste the real thing, made at home. I even make cinnamon rolls with it. Look on my blog for a recipe to make a homemade starter. I will also help you with any questions you may have along the way if you decide to conquer sourdough!