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Enriched 3 cheese bread with garlic flakes

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Enriched 3 cheese bread with garlic flakes

  I made a nice soft loaf the other day using milk in the dough, I wanted to make another similar loaf as my wife enjoyed it so much  So this time I enriched the dough with olive oil and cottage cheese along with an egg and added dried garlic flakes for good measure. I topped that by adding grated chedder and parmesan on top in the last 5 minutes of the bake 

 In the last shot you can see the softness of the crumb as the loaf is yielding under its own weight where I propped the loaf up for a better angle to the light picture it bounces right back, the taste is all there and I am sure it will make wonderful toast if it lasts that long , if the first slices for the pictures and taste testing are anything to go by

  It was the slightly misshapen one that got the chop, you can see some of the garlic flake in the loaf


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Scrumptious! They really look nice and soft, and with cheese and garlic; it's a sure winner.

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What's not to like?  Cheese and garlic can't be bad in any situation :).

Nice bake.


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thanks guys  I did manage to have a few slices for toast and they were divine

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Cheese and garlic in an enriched dough had to be delicious.  It really turned out great inside and out.  Well done and happy baking Derek

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... and I started thinking about how good it would taste with a fresh tomato bruschetta, or with a --- and I keep coming back to the fact that my feeling is that this is just so "complete" in flavour profile as is, that adding anything else would be quite unnecessary.  Nicely done, and thanks for sharing!

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 It did make mighty fine toast just wasn't enough of it left for toast as I gave 2 loaves away but it would be a good base for a fresh tomato Bruschetta , maybe next time around