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Soft pull apart dinner rolls

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Soft pull apart dinner rolls

Well friends I haven't baked much leavened bread for the last 3 months sustaining myself on southern style corn bread and buttermilk biscuits. Well I got a taste for some soft, pull apart dinner rolls and they turned out great!

I used a recipe from P. Reinhart's ABED and adapted it to my sweet levain:

68g liquid levain

236g milk scalded and cooled to below 90F

363g strong bread flower

1/2T kosher salt

39g honey, I slopped a little more

43g melted butter, again, I slopped a little more

1/2 large egg, or 25g egg

I developed the dough normally let it bulk rise overnight in the fridge. In the morning, I let the dough warm up on the counter for a couple of hours, then divided, proofed in a pan and baked @ 400F for 8 minutes with steam and finishing with another 8 minutes, no steam.

Here are the proofed rolls:

Fresh out of the oven:

Good rise and GREAT oven spring thanks to a well fed starter. The honey, butter, egg and milk really make for a nice, soft shred able dough with a subtly sweet flavour.

Part of the reason I haven't been baking is that I am selling my home in Canmore, AB and moving to Golden, BC. It is a perfect move for me, but the stress of moving is enormous. I have actually lost 10 pounds. Today, I found house, I think I will buy and my present place is pre-sold. Cheers folks, I am celebrating tonight!

Happy baking! Ski


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Congrats on the move!  Golden is a lovely spot, and doesn't seem to be quite as insanely touristed as Canmore has become...  The stress is only what you let it be - so get in to some heavy kneading on the baking and get in as much mountain time as you can on both ends of the move and  you'll get through it all just fine.

Thanks for sharing the bake - and your celebration!  Good news is always a welcome addition to a site - even from a stranger.

Best regards from Calgary


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Yes Golden is still nice and quiet. Canmore and the Bow Valley have become nuts! Thanks for your good wishes!!! I am sleeping on the decision, but I think I have found a home. I feel much better and am celebrating with a thick strip loin which is now being hickory smoked at 200F, baker in the oven and finish the steak on the grill HOT! Cheers! Ski

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Nice. Those look great.

We stayed up at the lodge at Kicking Horse on the way back from Banff two summers ago. The valley and mountains there are gorgeous. 

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They really are delicious and would be good with Peter's yeasted formula as well. I just love the results from my levain though. Happy baking! Ski

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spring skiing without it?  They look very great and have to be wonderful as a corn bread and biscuit fill in. I've to make some biscuits and moose sausage gravy tomorrow for breakfast  -   opppsss!!  Forgot I'm not you and have no moose sausage - will have to get that pork sausage out of the freezer instead.  

Well doe adn happy baking Ski

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Your comments on the moose sausage always crack me up and put a smile on my face. Thanks!

No sugar, but honey, which I may have forgot to add to the recipe. I'll check.

Mean time the ski season is winding to a close and I haven't skied in weeks as I have been pre-occupied in finding a new home and ravelling to do so.

Happy cooking and eating! Ski

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gutter than have to move!  It just seems like too much work and that I like to keep very far away from me.  I still get a kick out of that guy I saw on TV in Canada who has a small barn that he smokes whole moose in when they are cut in half.  he lives in a town called Heaven I'm guessing

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Sadly my oncesmall, quiet mountain has become over run by tourists and weekenders who push the towns population +30% on weekends. When you have to do your weekend shopping on Thursday and begin to dread the weekend influx, it is time to move. Sad, as I have loved living here. The over crowding has become intolerable and has most negatively affected my quality of life. From my home in Canmore AB, I have been to Golden, BC twice and Revelstoke twice. Back to Golden in the  morning. Feeling like a long haul trucker. Happy cooking, baking and eating! Ski