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A couple of iterations to the previous post

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A couple of iterations to the previous post

In a never-ending quest to improve, for the next couple of loaves I decided to make some changes.  The loaf above had the water upped just a bit to 73.5%, because I wanted to try making an even more airy crumb.  I also had a mix of flours 50/50 of KA bread flour and Wegmans unbleached all-purpose, simply because I ran out of BF. :-) 

Levain (100% hydration) - 50g starter, 50g warm water, 50g  KA WW flour, mixed in the morning and put in warm place.
Water - 310g
Flour - 200g KA BF + 250g Wegmans AP
Salt - 10g
Flour total 450+75 (from levain) =525
Water total 310+75 (from levain) =385 

Baker's math:
Flour - 100%
Water - 73.3%
Salt - 1.9%

My schedule was thrown off somewhat because we had friends visited, decided to go out, and the dough sat for 2 hrs in a bowl after the first stretch and fold.  Still, I think it recovered fine in the end.

I tried to create a flower when scoring it, hoping it would bloom in the oven like a tulip, but I don't think it worked.  Will try again next time.

I also made the same recipe with some seeds, because I just love breads with "stuff" in them.  it came out perfectly:

I simply added 45g of lightly toasted mix of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, white sesame, flax, and chia (that's all I had at home).  Mixed it all in when I was adding salt, after the fermentolyse was done, and baked the same way. In retrospect, I probably should have toasted pumpkin seeds first, and then add the rest, since they still felt a bit raw.

The crumb looked nice, and the taste was wonderful!




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Great looking loaf

Not sure on the maths though.  Surely the water content is 365 (290 + 75) so hydration is only 69.5% ?


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It's 290g for initial autolyse PLUS 20g to dissolve salt plus 75g from levain.

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Oh sorry I just misread it.   20g of additional water to take the salt.  Sorry.

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Lechem (not verified)

And the scoring opened up so well. 

Looks great! 

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it is such a confidence boost isn't when it all works isn't it.

well done


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Thank you Leslie, it is indeed!  I can't even convey the joy I felt when I removed the dome from that first loaf (from my very first blog post) and saw all that oven spring and "ear".  It certainly felt great!


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Well done and happy baking 

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Now have fun making variations on it! Trying different things is so much fun!

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All this support really means a lot!

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That's great that you're already doing variations on the theme - with obviously great success!

Keep having fun with experiments (and always remember that even the not-so-obviously-successful loaves are still going to taste great and teach you something).

Thanks for sharing!