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Support your local miller

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Support your local miller

We visited the Barton Springs Mill near Austin last weekend. It was really fun!

The owner, James, is amazingly knowledgeable. He has contracted with several farmers in the area to grow specific wheats, all organic. He then wholesales this to area bakeries and breweries. Hundreds of tons of grain moving in and out. When I explained that I was just getting started he gave me tip after tip and we talked shop a bit. The bread available there was delicious, and he told me that they have a hands-on baking class in June using their test kitchen and commercial oven! I'm in!

We bought some Fuller whole wheat and he said I could have some 'leftover' wheat from the mill for my starter. I expected a small bag's worth. I walked out with almost four pounds! Geeze. It's truly multigrain. lol

You can read about this mill HERE