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First Attempt at Anis Bouabsa baguette recipe

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Barbara G

First Attempt at Anis Bouabsa baguette recipe

Don't know what happened, but neither my text nor my photo showed up. Try again. Just started baking a couple of months ago and found the Anis Bouabsa recipe on Janedo's blog on this site. Best baguettes I've made thus far.


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You are going to give Alfanso some competition! So far, he is the undisputed king of baguettes!!

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Danni is so right.  It took me many months to get a baguette that looked so good.  The Bouabsa was also my first successful baguette.  Some folks are just fast learners or naturals.  This peek at yours looks magnificent.

Well, I'm glad that you are here.  We have a lot of folks who seem reluctant to attempt baguettes.  Maybe getting a few more like you on board will ease their inhibitions and our ranks will grow. 


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Barbara G

I'll have to explore the site. Yes, I was pleased at how well these turned out, but I know that the next time all could go wrong. These I think needed a few more minutes in the oven and maybe some gentler handling since the big holes are all in the center and the edges are a bit denser. Have to say though that they taste great.

I'm interested to hear anyone else's experience.


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You might find that posting your results, photos, and formula in your "blog" section on here will make it easier for you to keep a record of your endeavours. 

As for seeing other results - well, I'd suggest either doing a search on "baguette", or just click on alfanso and check out his blogs!  Another "search" is just to hit "bread browser" on the home page and page through all of the pictures, stopping to check out the posts that go with the baguette pictures (or, any other pictures that catch your fancy).  I'll warn you though - this can be a dangerous prospect, since it can lead you in to the temptation of "oohhh - gotta try THAT one" until you get a ridiculously long list of "wanna try"...

Welcome and happy baking!