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Cafone Bread

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Cafone Bread

Pane cafone, a typical Napoletan bread.

White flour 1000 g

Water 700 g

Salt 25 g

Old dough ( pate fermentee ) 200 g

Yeast 4 g

It's the same dough used for baguette

Good flavor...but young dough, next time final proof more longer-


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Lechem (not verified)

How do you decide if the pate fermentee should be old or not so old. Was going to say "young" but pate fermentee means "old" dough.

Lovely bake as always!

- Abe.

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It is not easy to understand fault. Young dough it's little underpoof ( in italy we say infornato giovane ) it'z a slang Bakers. Pate fermentee: if you use after one day or two it's young ( strong power leavening ) after 3/5 days brings flavors but less leavening power.



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The Roadside Pi...

Sadly, Gaetano is not around these parts anymore. At least I have not seen him. 

My question is, is it true that pate fermented can add leviening? I would think all of the bacteria that produce leviening would be killed during the bake. Thanks for reading.

Edit to add.

After reading,I think I am confusing pate fermented, with aultus. I see said the blind man.


Will Falzon.