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Rofco Ovens B20 & B40

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Fire and Flour Bread

Rofco Ovens B20 & B40

Good afternoon all,

I am new to this site and seeking any feedback and information about the Rofco B20 and/or B40 ovens.  I am interested in purchasing a Rofco oven and would like to know if anyone has had experience with them and what the pros/cons/issues are with them.


Thank You

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...corner of the page. There's tons of stuff on Rofcos. You might also try, they have some detailed blog posts.

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I've had one for nearly 2 years now.. It's used 5 days a week (sometimes 6). Regularly 2, sometimes 3 loads including cakes, pastys, buns, etc. What sort of things are you looking for?


-Gordon @moorbakes in Devon

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MJ Sourdough
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Just pre-ordered a B40 to start selling at market in July... eeeeee! 

Gonna piggyback off this post and ask... I was wondering if anyone who has purchased one recently (more recently than some of these other threads) has found that some of the thermostat inconsistencies have been fixed/tweaked? Or any other updates to the machine since 2015 or so?

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Anyone have any pointers or tips on finding a used one in the US? I'm willing to travel a little ways, but I'm in Minnesota. 

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I don't think there are many used Rofco's for sale in the US, since so few are sold new.  Ebay is a good source to see what is selling used, and I don't think I have ever seen a used Rofco for sale.   Have you considered a used convection commercial oven?  They are not as good as a Rofco, since they usually only work with convection heat, which can dry out a loaf, but they do allow baking quite a few loaves at a time, and as long as you stay with the smaller ones, many models operate on normal household current.    Cadco - Unox is one common brand, there are a few reviews on this site,   Moffat is another  manufacturer.  Stay away from anything that requires 3 phase electricity, or 208 volts, unless you have that available.   

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I have not considered that before, but I will do some research! Thanks for the recommendations!

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I forgot to add that Bakers Pride offers countertop ovens.  Most are for pizza, and have a deck height that will be too shallow for boules,  but they do make a few with a 7 inch height -  here is one example    The advantage of this oven over the Cadco and similar models is you do not have a fan blowing on the crust and drying it out.  While the Rofco has thick stones, the Bakers Pride typically come with very thin stones, though you can always add a thicker one if you are fine with long preheat times , which will make it more like the Rofco, though probably not as well sealed as the Rofco.  

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Hi! Which one did you end up with? How did you make the decision? How has it been?