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Vegan and Gluten free - loaf is dropping

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Dana P

Vegan and Gluten free - loaf is dropping

I just got a zojirushi that has the gluten free setting and tried few loaves by now. My favourite is the teff flour and I tried few recipes  and although I used the gluten free setting as well as the home made setting adjusting the time for rising and for baking I couldn't manage to get a good loaf. The bread is rising and by the time is done baking it drops in the middle. The texture is like is not baked enough and is just in the middle of the loaf. I measured to the mg and adjusted temperature of water, the salt quantity and ensured the freshness of the ingredients. My questions is could it be because of the temperature for baking? The recipes for baking call for 350 and some for 370F and the machine does not reach that temperature (in home setting) . Does anyone know a way to raise the baking temperature with this machine ( I have a Zo BB-PAC20)? Please help!

Thank you! 

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Probably a bad idea to try and change the high temp limit setting, I could see the possibility of starting a fire if you have a machine mostly made of plastic at temperatures past which it was designed for.