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Sesame country loaf

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Sesame country loaf

I just thought I'd share this one. My first sesame loaf using Tartine method.

70% hydration, still working up to 80% and beyond...

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That is some oven spring!!! Beautiful photography too! Well done!

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Lechem (not verified)

Amazing bake there. Looks delicious. Well done!

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Sesame may be my favourite so far

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it time to get that dough wet!  Well done and Happy baking 

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Jacob Lockcuff

Butter and drizzle some honey on a slice of that sucker!! Great bread.

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Lazy Loafer

You must be happy with that one! How was the crumb and taste?

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The crumb was still fairly holey even at the hydration level, it was also just very slightly chewy. The crust was crunchy and slightly chewy as well which is my favourite type of crust. The toasted sesame seeds really do help to bring out deep complex flavours and are such a simple addition. I would highly recommend a sesame loaf to anyone that is yet to try.