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Discard Baking

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Discard Baking

I wanted to refresh my starter today and I made a batch of Cranberry - Orange Spiced Sourdough Cookies with the discard.. The texture is amazing, the cookie is very light,like eating air.

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these cookies look & sound yummy. i would love to use some of my discard to make these. would you please share the recipe?

thanks, claudia

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This is where I found the recipe  I used  a cookie scoop to form. Enjoy.


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thanks florida shark

i'll definitely make these soon. oh yum



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Lechem (not verified)

I might have to purposefully build some "discard" to give these a try.

Very nice!

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Just think of all the cookies and cakes you can make with discards?

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I started a new starter earlier this month and thought I had successfully re-animated a starved one from my fridge but it needed work. 

I followed Scott Weebly’s technique for reviving and of course it wasn’t following the time line. 

So I switched to feedings with a more nutrient-rich blend of WWF & AP based on Bread Illustrated. And this morning I had bubbling cauldrons, containers, and jars of active starter. I can’t bring myself to just toss it. I have found a few winning recipes for discard on the King Arthur Flour website. The chocolate sourdough cake is amazing. I have 2-3 ready to be pulled from the freezer, iced, and assembled.

The other nicer recipe is for crackers. I have gifted 3 jars of crackers over the weekend. 

I also have some discard starter crumpets in the freezer.

I think these remaining active starters will be placed in a combined jar and just pulled and used as I desire for crackers, cakes, biscuits, etc. All of the discard recipes I referenced use unfed starter!—YMMV