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20% Rye Sourdough batards

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20% Rye Sourdough batards

My basic wheat flour starter (known affectionately as Golfedan) has been doing some nice work recently and I guess it's finally decent enough to share here. I just baked these two today. I started off with a poolish to which I added everything else the next day. Here's the breakdown.


50g starter + 175g water + 175g bread flour (to create a basic 200-200 poolish)

I let that sit at room temperature for about 13-14 hours until it was quite bubbly on top and able to float.


Poolish + 500g water + 200g whole rye flour (pretty much the standard rye flour here in Sweden) + 600g bread flour

Autolyse for 20 minutes then add 20g salt.

After about 10 minutes of kneading, I let the whole thing ferment for about 4 hours doing two stretch-and-folds during this period. I then divided the whole batch in half and pre-rounded the two pieces and let them rest for 30 minutes then shaped them as batards.

Next came an hour and a half of bench-proofing and into the oven they went. The thermometer was reading about 260 degrees C as I put them in which was really good. 10 steamy minutes later and then an additional half hour at around 230 C gave me these. Quite pleased with that.


20% Rye sourdough loaves


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They look beautiful!

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you have there.... well done indeed.

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Edo Bread

I find that to be a nice percentage of rye. The look great.