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Sourdough Beer Bread

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Sourdough Beer Bread

I posted last week that I was going to try an artisan style bread to make since I have never really made one with my sourdough starter except for that first door stop I don't talk about. I would like your honest options on my product. I used a 25% KA whole wheat and 75% KA bread flour with a 100% starter. I let it proof for 14 hours, the final rise took about 90 minutes. I baked it in my clay baker. I thought the crumb was a little bit moister than what I expected and could have used 10 more minutes, but it tasted excellent.

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Looks good

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SD will have a moist crumb but if baked to 205 F it is usually fine.  Yours looks grand ; really!

Happy SD baking 

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Lechem (not verified)

Looks great to me. Honest opinion. Nice crumb, colour and crust.

Looks like a hearty loaf. 


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Thanks for your comments I appreciate them.

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What did you do for the beer? Just replace 100% of the water with beer?

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I used water and beer. Here is were I found the recipe I used. I subbed regular KA  whole wheat flour for the Red Fife flour.

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If its a little dense increase fermentation time, use a glass bowl and make sure it 100% fermented , you will see the last layer of flower is the last to be consumed by the yeast while the bottom is the 1st to get eaten. has to do with available oxygen, Light folding of the dough if not over stretched to begin with will decrease fermentation time as you expose more dough to air.

Remember there 3 ways to create gluten stretching and working the dough, fermentation and % oxidation