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Improvement from last loaf [tartine country recipe - 65% hydration]

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Improvement from last loaf [tartine country recipe - 65% hydration]

Still learning and my shaping is still quite noticeably bad, but I can feel big improvements from my last few bakes. The scoring was easier this time also.

Went for 65% hydration, going to slowly build up to 80%.


  • Made leaven in the morning and left until I got back from work.
  • Mixed dough, left to rest, added salt, begun BF.
  • 2 1/2 hours of BF @ room temp with 6 turns.
  • Dough then placed in fridge overnight to continue BF.
  • Initial shaping, bench rest + final shaping before proving in bannetons back in the fridge, finishing just after 8am.
  • Heated oven and begun bake around 6pm.


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You got an amazing crust and crumb! Looks delicious! Well done!

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Dana D

thank you for taking the time to post these photos! You have some beautiful loaves

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Lazy Loafer

What a lovely moist-looking crumb! I bet they tasted good too. Well done!

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Thank you guys, I'm feeling inspired after making these. Moving forward now to work on shaping.