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NEWER HOBART N50 Electrical Schematic

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NEWER HOBART N50 Electrical Schematic

I am am looking for a a newer N50 electrical schematic.

The older ones use a centrifugal start switch which is very common among older Hobart equipment.  The new A200 uses a capacitor and a start relay.

What I am wondering is due to space limitations, what is being used on the new N50.


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As far as I know, all N50 are still using a split-phase motor (= no capacitor) powered via a centrifugal coupler. However you may find models devoted to the international market which have some electrical variations.

Here is the example of the European version : due to more restrictive safety norms, here all N50 are sold with a bowl guard and a No-Volt-Release on/off switch, as follows :

For this model, you have an addational sensor (for the guard presence) and an electric contactor hidden at the botton of the column. All this makes the model more complex to service because the original N50 design doesn't offer a comfortable space to connect many wires :