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Sistema storage containers at a good price (UK)

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Sistema storage containers at a good price (UK)

I was recently trying to buy some containers for my flour. I like the sistema ones because are the ones we use at work and they are very good for dry stuff. 


I was checking prices in a few places and Amazon was the cheapest one: 2L container was £3.5 (add-on item). 


I though I'll pass because I wanted to buy about 10 of them and it was as more that I wanted to spend. 


Then I was at the mall center and I saw them in Wilko at £1,75 (both 1L and 2L). They obviously hadn't enough of them there but you can buy them online in their website at the same price. 


I ordered 8x2L and 4x1L containers for £21. 


I think it's a very good price. I just wanted to let you guys know just in case somebody could find this helpful. 



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have quite a few in my pantry, NZ being the home of of Sistema. It has recently been sold to a big international with the proviso that the manufacturing stays here and the jobs of the locals remain.  Hopefully the pricing won't sky rocket but you you got a bargain there :)