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Bauernkrustenbrot and a sort of Field Blend #2

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Bauernkrustenbrot and a sort of Field Blend #2

Hello friends,

Slowly but surely, I've been reclaiming my love of bread baking over the last few weeks. I am a bit rusty, no doubt. Why is it, that shaping and scoring are skills that seem to remain fresh only when exercised regularly? It's certainly NOT like riding a bike - you DO forget. (Or at least I do.)

Anyway, I've baked a bit of bread again. First was the "Bauernkrustenbrot" after Horst Felzl from the book "Der Duft von Frischem Brot" by Barbara van Melle. It is an Austrian Rye with a stale bread soaker, and Stan has already posted this formula on his blog here: . Mine was baked in a 4 qt. Cousances Doufeu, and while the ears went completely nuts (I've never seen such ears on a Rye!), the bread bumped its head against the sunken lid of the Doufeu, so the crumb was a little more squashed than I would have liked. It was very good though - incredibly flavourful!


I also "abused" Ken Forkish's formula for "Field Blend #2" from FWSY, but I chucked in some sunflower seeds, left one loaf plain and covered the other in a mixture of sunflower seeds and white and black sesame seeds. I also added some roasted, ground caraway, fennel, anise & coriander (approx. 15g?). It turned out quite yummy, if I do say so myself.

It's good to be baking. I wish you all a very happy start to 2017, and happy baking!


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I also have a doufeu.  They are wonderful things.

Glad to see you back baking and posting.


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Yes, doufeus are terrific. I use mine quite a bit - for stews and goulash and osso bucco, etc. Really, I should get myself another Dutch oven for bread, so that the doufeu can stop doing double duty. I seem to spend a lot of time washing it. :/

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The crumb on those loaves is wonderful! You obviously have not lost your touch!

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To be honest, I'm aiming for an even lighter, more open crumb, but so far, it has eluded me. One day...

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with great crumbs! Field blend #2 is a great base recipe and my current version went down a treat today with some visitors from Europe.  I love your modifications.

good to see you baking again


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FB #2 is a useful base for sure. Now I need to get more creative with it. And as my "summer-time-outdoor-come-winter-time-indoor" rosemary shows no signs of slowing down, I foresee a variation with copious quantities of rosemary. Possibly some Parmesan. Perhaps a hint of garlic...

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Love the crumb shots. 

Doesn't look like you're rusty at all :)

I like how you "abused" the formula, you're version looks tasty! I find loaves with seeds make the best toast. 

Glad to see you baking more. 

I'm praying 2017 is wonderful healing year for you.


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I sincerely appreciate the encouragement. I feel rusty. And I look at the blogs that you and Danielle et al put out, and my offerings seem quite poor in comparison. But I was new at this a year ago and then stopped baking altogether for a long while, so I have some catching up to do. Feels good, getting back at it.

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terrific and have to be tasty.  Well done!

Happy Baking in 2017

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Wonderful looking bread!  Thank you for mentioning the book; it looks pretty good from what I can tell.  I have not gotten into Austrian baking yet; so I will have to search for the book here in Germany or next time I'm in Austria.  Cheers!