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Happy New Year friends!!!!!

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Happy New Year friends!!!!!

For my New Year's Eve bake? Pull, vat else! Hey I am working on my braiding technique and bake one of these a week. Also a chance to wish all my fresh loaf friends greetings, best wishes, health, health, happiness, interesting times and great baking! I also have a loaf of high hydration sanny bread on the go to balance things.

I also wanted to show of my beautifully re-seasoned cast iron cook ware. A very old skillet and a newer Lodge combo cooker, I use for bread. the skillet was re-seasoned with pure flax seed oil, five times @ 500F for an hour, the Lodge 3 seasoning cycles. the non-stick performance of the skillet is a couple of levels of magnitude better! I found this information at a Facebook group called CAST IRON COOKIN & BBQIN. I mention this as most of you great bakers are also great cooks. This FB group has been a great source for food ideas, techniques and overall entertainment.

Check out these bad boys!

A simple technique to greatly improve the performance of your cast iron. Skibum recommended!

Happy New Year friends and happy baking! Ski


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Thanks for sharing that. I have to re-season my Lodge skillet as well.

Happy new year and many good bakes in 2017!


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Well done Ski.

Have a very Happy New year!


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I love the look of a nicely braided loaf. That reminds me...I need to re-season the baking steels. Re-season my joints too as I am feeling creaky lately.

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That's some serious seasoning! Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year Ski!

Beautiful picture perfect Pulla and some nice looking iron to boot!

All the best in the New Year!


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Lazy Loafer

I think you've practiced enough! And it looks especially nice with the contrast between the dark crust and the light 'spaces' between the braids. Good food, made pretty too!

I need to re-season one of my cast iron pots, now that I use it to bake bread in the wood stove. It's on the 'to do' list. :)

Happy New Year, and happy baking in 2017!

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That pulla look yummy!

Funny that you mention cast iron in your post since I pulled out a couple of rescued pans that I had sand blasted and seasonned last summer to make appetizers the day before yesterday. The bacon did a good job of sticking to the pan at first but after a couple of batches of caramelized onions and mushrooms, things seemed better. I guess the key is to keep using it to finally get this nonstick property. 

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This one is bold too!  Well done and Happy New Year's SKi

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it is a very nice looking pulla! thanks for the seasoning tips too, I am seasoning a couple of terra cotta pots and the bigger one has had three rounds the smaller newer one has only had one and yes the bread stuck a little. I ran a knife around and the bread released quickly which is just as well. I am using the pot as the top of a DO and the bread needed another 20 minutes to finish baking and caramelize!  so I will definitely do a couple more rounds of seasoning.

happy baking Ski


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The pulla is lovely. I also want to thank you for listing the cast iron fb site. I love my cast iron skillets & dutch ovens.

Happy 2017,


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Thanks everyone! I hope you all have a great 2017! Some time ago dabrownman suggested I do French toast with pulla. I thought it was a great idea and tried it today. It is bitterly cold once again, so I was surfing for breakfast ideas. I toasted the two matching sides of the pulla slices and spread them with a mixture of cream cheese and mixed berries, a little sugar and a drop or 2 or lemon extract, then mushed together. The resulting sandwich was dipped in egg and fried as French toast. All I can say is where has that been all my life!

So breakfast this morning was thick cut hickory smoked bacon, potato latkes and French toast! Wonderful!!!

Happy baking! Ski


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Just saw this....beat the toast with cottage cheese and scoop of beans and a tangerine I had for breakfast!  I've been dieting for the last 3 weeks so this just made me gain 5 pounds just looking at it :).

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The filled pulla cooked French toast style is on the menu again this morning, as it was yesterday. You can give the fruit/ cream cheese filling on any bread.

Happy eating! Ski