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I'm a baker!

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I'm a baker!

Hi, fellow TFL members, old and new!

I've been meaning to write about my career change, and where it has lead me, but I have been too occupied with settling my family and was lazy to post anything. 

Following the brief apprenticeship at a local pastry shop in Beirut, I travelled to Seychelles for a job opportunity at a French Bakery there; or so I thought. I worked for a total of 1 month at the Bakery, learning valuable tips and tricks from the Bakers there. However, at the end of the month, the owner of the Bakery had suggested that I travel back to Lebanon to work at his flour mill up in the north, on the outskirts of Tripoli- Lebanon. I now work at the mill, in a Bakery attached to their Lab. I like their bakery; it is both spacious, and well equipped.  Basically, my job is to test their flours for quality, and consistence, and do controlled bakes to compare their flours to those of their local competitors. I'm also involved in testing new products and help improve current ones. 

In case you were wondering, I have not abolished my plans to start an Artisan Bakery. I just need to gain more knowledge, more experience and broaden my horizons. In the meanwhile, I'm testing the market here by baking artisanal breads everyday, especially sourdough and giving them away to friends, and family. At first, not many have appreciated the subtle sourness of naturally leavened breads, but slowly they are developing a taste for it. Lebanese, in general, have been raised on Industrial, mass produced flat bread, or khobez. Their everyday "French bread" is the "Sammoun" or mini baguette; an improver, sugar laden white fluff (or brown for that matter) with a crust. You get the picture. i know I'm not the only one who is trying to change all that, there are a couple of Artisan sourdough bakeries/ cafe's in Beirut and other cities who are doing a wonderful job at bringing back nutritious, flavor packed bread to the table. I plan to visit those bakeries soon, talk to their owners, and try to get to know them upclose. 

I don't know what life has in Store for me tomorrow, but I'll do my best to be prepared for it.

If you're interested in viewing my photographic journal of my progress, please follow or v my Instagram account: mebake_33 





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valuable experience!  It will all pay ioff in the end.  Working at mill sounds wonderful.  Good luck with all that flour!

Happy baking Khalid

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Hi, DB. Thanks! Yes, it sure is. I'm grateful for those opportunities.

Happy baking to you too!



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Solid, well rounded experience will take you sooooo far! You'll have perspective you couldn't imagine, but will enable you to make wise and successful decisions. We're all cheering for you!


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Amen to all you said, Cathy. i thank you for your cheerful comment.


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Lazy Loafer

That sounds amazing - getting paid to try out all kinds of different flours and breads! Especially in a well-equipped commercial kitchen.

Would it violate your contract to occasionally post some of the successful bakes (or blends of flours)? :)

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thanks, Loafer.  No, it won't violate anything. I'll post some recipes soon. 


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I am reminded of the biographies of many famous chefs who accumulated very diverse experiences before settling down to discover their unique, personal calling.

I was going to say I couldn't imagine going through all those changes with a wife and young children. But then I remembered that is exactly what I did when my family was young - traveling from LA to San Francisco to Dallas to Albuquerque to Boston, putting together pieces of special medical training that prepared me for 40 years of specialized practice and teaching.

It is a path with challenges, but it is surest path to excellence, which I know to be your destination.

Warmest regards and happy baking!


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How inspiring, David! Change is challenging, yes, and so is following one's heart. But the payoff is quite evident in your 40 year successful career. 

As always, David, i thank you for the encouragement, and for your thoughtful words.

The warmest regards to you, and Susan,

Happy baking to you too :)


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It's nice to follow your adventures especially your interesting job. A step forward no matter how little is a step forward. You will surely get to where you want. We're hoping for the best.

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Thank you for the nice words, and wishes Pal.

Happy baking!

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I have followed you for years with interest, admiration and good thoughts. No matter the circumstances, you persist and move forward, doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family. I believe it is your positive outlook that carries you forward and that is always a wonderful thing to see.   

Good luck and keep posting-even briefly! I always feel like there is a breath of fresh air when I read about your ventures. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for the warm, positive words, Clazar. 

Greatly appreciated!

I feel enourmously better when i make a new post on TFL and see your kind , encouraging comments. I will keep returning here often.

Best regards, and Happy baking


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to be at the leading edge in terms of bringing better bread to a market that has yet to develop much of an appreciation for it.

All the best in this step in your career journey. 

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Exciting, Argon, yes! I'm into changing their bread paradigm, and habits as we all know die hard. 

I sincerely appreciate your kind comments.


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Glad to hear you are getting some good experience in, and I appreciate the update.

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Thanks, Floyd! my pleasure !

keep up the great work! 

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Sorry I missed your post my friend, but glad I found it.  So happy that you are gaining valuable experience and you have not given up on your dream.  I look forward to reading more about your adventures and seeing some posts of your bakes.

I will check you out on instagram for sure.


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Thanks, Ian. It is great to hear from you too. I trust you are doing great, and baking mouth-watering exquisit bread? 

love to see your posts on IG. 

Have a happy holidays!



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I have not really used IG but will start this weekend and connect up with you for sure.  Look forward to seeing your bakes as well.

Happy Holidays to you as well.

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Mini Oven

What an opportunity!  Wishing you all the best of learning experiences and team work.  


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Thanks, Mini. I Appreciate your kind wishes.

happy baking and happy holidays!