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Blueberry Sourdough Bread

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Truth Serum

Blueberry Sourdough Bread

I have I have been continuing to pursue my study of 1-2-3 bread. I had some extra pureed blueberries I though would go well in bread. They did except for the one loaf that stuck to the bottom of the pan, so I ate some and it was addictive and cut up the rest and froze it, for stuffing or maybe even croutons. The other loaf might have been a bit under proofed.




Loose dough on silipat

Crumb shot


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Did you puree the blueberries? It looks really delicious!

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Truth Serum

I made a blueberry sherbert during berry season. The recipe called for blueberry juice made out of fresh pureed berries  that had been put through a fine strainer. I thought what was in the strainer tasted too good for the compost so I popped it in the freezer. I thought it would be good in a dough.

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That is some kind of bread!  Well done and happy baking

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Amazing color.  I can imagine how good this must taste.  Would definetly make great croutons.

Happy Baking!


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How's the blueberry flavor? Great bake, it brightened up my day.

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Truth Serum

Thanks to The Fresh Loaf I get these wacky ideas in my head and am able to execute it them. 

I gave some away to two food professional but I haven't followed through with asking their opinion of the flavor.

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I don't know if you're still active considering how this post was posted 4 years ago but I cannot find a blueberry sourdough recipe anywhere that would use blueberry puree! My questions are:

1. Did you add anything else into the loaf to preserve the color?

2. How concentrated was the blueberry amount?

I attempted to make something similar, and mine looks like a faded purple and not a bright pinkish-purple hue like yours. I kinda turned brown after a while (this is pre-baking) like how berry smoothie tends to be. I would really appreciate it if you can help me out here T.T thank you!