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Reviews Requested on the Avancini sp5 20T

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Reviews Requested on the Avancini sp5 20T

So I just ordered one of these from TMB Baking.  I Have read a lot about them and the only issue I came across was the cleaning being its fixed bowel and hook.  My pro 600 was not giving me the gluten develpment and I was told that this was a good reliable machine.  I am baking in a wood fired clay oven.  Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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The spiral I have has fixed head, etc. too, but it's not that bad to clean. Get a hand spray/mister and spray water inside it when done - that'll keep everything wet/soft if not cleaning it right away, then just use a cloth to mop up any loose stuff then a small bowl of hot soapy water to clean it and fresh to rinse it off.