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kitchen scales

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kitchen scales

I am looking to purchase a kitchen scale for bread baking. I am looking for one that has a tare feature which will allow me to zero out the reading after each ingredient addition or to negate the weight of the bowl. Finances are a bit of an issue, so I need to find one that does the job at a reasonable price. I am a  home baker and do not require lab quality accuracy, but enough for bread baking purposes. Does any one have recommendations on what they like, don't like, things to look for, brand names, etc. Thanks in advance for your help. ~Docpat

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The MyWeigh i5000 (or i2500) runs $45-$55 US online and meets your requirements.

There have been several threads discussing scale choices recently - you might want to try searching the site.


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staff of life

If you go on Rose Levy Berenbaum's site, she has an article about the MyWeigh scales.


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I just got a myweigh, and like it.  The Escali scale was also recommended to me:


And that one is less expensive (around $25), and also more compact.  I like my myweigh, but I think I would have been just as happy with the escali. 

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My only advice is to make sure you get something that's good to 1 gram; my Salter is only good to 2 grams, and it drives me nuts. Makes weighing things like salt and yeast really difficult, if not impossible.


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Thanks all for your info. It was very helpful and I especially liked the pointer to the RLB site.

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I have a polder (model 933-81) that goes up to 11 lbs and measures to the gram.  You can get them for under $40.  My only complaint is that with a big bowl the readout is hard to see but oh well.  It has worked great for me for a year now with use 2-3 times a week.