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I don't normally slash my boules like this, but just for a change:

And it was one of the first to sell on the market today too... Maybe there's something in the shape after all!



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I'd buy it too.  lol



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no wonder it sold quickly.


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That thing should be illegal:-)  Good thing someone took it home right away!

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Makes me want to underproof just to get an ear like that. Well done.

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for the comments.

The reason I don't normally slash like that is that there is a bigger deck oven in a unit bakery + cafe about 4 miles from me that does their loaves like that - so mostly trying to avoid any confusion, but sometimes I like to change!

If anyones interested, the mix was a simple white sourdough;  500g flour, 150g starter @ 100%, 290g water, 9g salt. It gives an overall hydration of 62%. Starter made up at 3pm, dough made up at about 8:30pm. (I made a batch of 6 - throw it all in the Hobart for 10 minutes) let it ferment in a tub overnight, then starting at about 5:30am, scale/shape/proof in round banetons and into the Rofco oven at about 7:30am with steam.

Then try to work out the best way to photograph it with the somewhat low autumnal sun...

I'm running a sourdough course on Wednesday - I think I'll set this as their challenge :-)