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Brioche chez moi

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Bakery Bill

Brioche chez moi

Sorry no photo again. My phone takes great pictures but they are 4.73 MB so this site won't download them. Any suggestions?

I was really pleased with my Brioche. I have made them before but have modified the recipe to make it easier.

French Brioche

  • 4           Eggs
  • 50g       White Sugar
  • 160ml  Milk
  • 500g    T55 White Flour (Protein 10.5%)
  • 10g       Yeast
  • 10g       Salt
  • 160g     Butter
  • Egg wash for glaze


1x350g Brioche de Tresser 

6x65g Brioche à Tête &

6x65g Brioche chocolate crescents



  1. Whisk eggs, sugar & milk. Stir in the Flour & rest for 30mins to autolyse. Add yeast, salt & softened butter and mix for 2 mins on speed 2 until all the ingredients are combined.

2. Continue to mix for a further 10 minutes at speed 3-4 adding more flour as you need it, to form a soft sticky elastic dough . Cover with cling film and leave for 60 mins at room temperature or as long as it needs to double. Fold dough with 2 book folds using scraper & flour to prevent sticking & store in fridge overnight.

3. Remove from fridge and weigh the various pieces to make:-

Shape the dough whilst it is still cold.

1x350g Brioche Tresser,

6x65g  Brioche chocolate crescents &

6x65g Brioche à Tête.

Glaze with Egg yolk & Pearl Sugar. Cover with oiled cling film or contain in plastic boxes & prove for 1hr or until doubled above the cooker.


4. Preheat oven to 190°C and then bake 10-15 mins for Brioche à Tête & Chocolate Crescents and 30 mins for Brioche Tresser, until they are golden. Tip out onto a cooling rack and leave to cool. Freeze when cool.

What do you think of my no kneading, keep it in the mixing bowl method? Also although you can't see how beautiful they look I would like to get the colour of the inside bread to be more yellow. The dough is very yellow but then it bakes out to a beige colour. Should I try adding just egg yolk rather than whole eggs? How many yolks should I use? Would you add a bit of yellow food colour?

Bakery Bill